Let the fairies help inspire kindness, creativity, and curiosity in your children!

Adopt a Fairy was started because I wanted to instill a little magic in my daughters lives.  Magic that came from being good, doing good, and finding beauty in the world around us.  Fairy Flags were the start of this company and they are the heart of this company.  Flags are planted to signal to the fairies that you believe in them and will spread kindness which in turn, creates magic in the world!  

People talking about Fairies

"Super well made and thoughtful.  Really Magcially.  This wa s gift that kept on giving and allowed us to send to friends to also enjoy and share the magic of kindness!  

Love this!"

*On Fairy Flags - Sharing Edition*


" We loved how creative and thoughtful our Fairy Flags were! My daughter loved reading her letter from her fairy and running straight out to put it in her fairy garden. She tells everyone 'look for the house with the fairy garden! It has a flag so all the fairies know they're welcome here!'

Such a great gift from a grandparent to a grandchild for a birthday or the holidays as well.

*Shelly B.