Fairy Flags - A Monthly Magical Movement

This special delivery comes straight from the Fairy Mountains. Each month the recipient will receive a note from your new fairy friend, a unique fabric flag, and a kindness challenge! Fairy Flags, once planted, signal to the fairies where to find believers! They put off an invisible glow that only the fairies can see. By planting your flag you are joining the magical movement to help make the world a 'little' bit better and a 'little' more magical! We hope that the magic contained in this fun subscription will help encourage believing in things unseen, sharing, and spreading kindness. Best for boy or girl. All ages.

Adopt A Fairy - A Monthly Package from The Fairy Council & YOUR Adopted Fairy

This special delivery comes straight from the Fairy Mountains... First from the Fairy Council and then once your fairy is selected, you will receive notes & trinkets from them. It's a little different from our Fairy Flag Subscription and increasingly includes a little more magic (and surprises) but still always comes with a fairy flag!

Fairy Pen Pals Subscription

What do fairies do when they aren't flying fast, twinkling in the sky or helping flowers grow? Well they write letters of course! They look for little ones who can tell them about what's going on in the human world! Give the gift of a fairy pen pal with this subscription... Our fairies will send the first letter to get it started and it's so much fun from there! The real fun is in the back and forth correspondence between the fairy and child. Best for kids who are beginning to read and write on their own through 10 years old. Pen pal letters are handwritten and each one is unique! This subscription includes one letter a month from the fairy world.

Fairy Magical * M A K E magic * Monthly Craft Box Subscription

This special delivery comes straight from the Fairy Mountains... and the Maker Fairies! This subscription offers ways that you can make your own magic at home. The *M A K E* magic kit box will always include an easy to do fairy inspired craft that requires use of creativity and imagination as well as getting a little artsy. This box is best suited for children 4-10 years of age. All MAKE magic kits are FREE shipping and shipped on by between the 4-10th of the month! *Photo shown, includes examples of what could be in your MAKE Magic kit, but please note that only one craft will come each month.